SMD and THT // Electronic Assembly Lines

We produce electronic boards used in engineering studies, defense industry, medical, automotive, telecom, energy and industrial electronics for Turkey and the world with our 140 people expert team and testing infrastructure with high technology SMD and THT lines in our 5000 m² production area.

Automatic Assembly Lines

We are one of the leading companies in the PCBA Industry with our capacity and technology. Also, our production facility includes several technologies such as Automatic Optical Inspection (3D), Solder Paste Inspection (3D), X-ray, Conformal Coating line, Selective Soldering, Environmental Test Chambers, BGA re-work station and Dry Cabinet to improve capacity and quality.


SMD Assembly

component / hour production capacity

THT Assembly

component / hour production capacity


component / hour production capacity
ESD Protected Area

As an important part of ESD protection, our facility meets all requirement for ESD Protected Area (EPA). In addition, all staff working in the production area are equipped with ESD wears, wristbands and shoes.


Before entering SMD and THT assembly lines, prepared components are loaded into the corresponding feeders. Therefore, assembly lines which are capable of assembling 850.000 Cph can operate continuously with minimum setup time.

Dry Storage Cabinet

As an important part of MSL Management our Drying cabinets is used, both in the storage and production areas, Dry Storage Cabinets can store these components at the specified humidity and temperature level. Therefore, assembly lines which are capable of assembling 850.000 components per hour can operate continuously.


With our X-Ray Inspection Unit, we can control products with examining the invisible details under their surfaces.

Board Cleaning Process

Our products are cleaned from rework residues and chemical contaminants. Cleaning prevent and reduce system level failures and meet IPC 610 Class 3 production standard.

Selective Soldering

Selective Soldering machine selectively solders components to printed circuit boards , parts to be selectively soldered are usually surrounded by parts that have been previously soldered in a surface-mount reflow process, and the selective-solder process is sufficiently precise to avoid damaging them.